Interactive.  Energizing.  Transforming.

SOEM, Inc. is primarily a teaching ministry that  advocates the power to experience abundant life – success with excellence.

Seminars are normally 2 – 4 hour sessions designed, developed and/or facilitated to engage participants in a transformational experience.  Commercial Of The Shelf (COTS) training packages may also be used to meet training needs.

Pre-designed seminars in the following areas can be tailored for your needs:

– SucceXcellence:  Success With Excellence =  Abundant Life
– Building SHIPS: Things happen or do not happen based on relationships
– Re-fired To Go The Distance: Marriage Enrichment
– Focus on The Future: Marriage Preparation
– How Not to Fall for a Jerk(ette): Choices
– Sweat the “Unique” Stuff: Focus on Strengths